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What is copy trading ?

Copy trading enables beginners and experienced traders to trade in the financial markets by having their trades executed by proven trading algorithm or by following trades of professional traders with proven track records. This form of trading offers a unique solution for people who wish to trade and increase their initial capital, however lack either time or experience to do it by themselves. For this reason, brokers offer the possibility of copy trading.

Merit Forex Trading Platforms MT4 and MT5 offer automated and manual copy trading options based on trading algorithm. Whatever option you may choose to employ in your trading account you will improve your trading performance by implying successful strategies developed by machine algorithm, and enjoy swift and prompt trading.

Advantages of Copy Trading

  • Enables beginners to learn trading as Pros in an easy, convenient and intuitive way benefiting from the experience and knowledge of better traders;
  • Saves experienced traders time and effort to trade by providing them with ready and in-depth market analysis and live trading signals according to their needs and preferred instruments;
  • Gives traders the possibility to choose among different trading instruments and volumes to copy trade;
  • Creates a global self-learning environment constructed with the help of algorithmic expertise.

To activate the Copy Trading Option for your trading account at Merit Forex, just fill in the application form on this page. Our trading consultant will contact you shortly to set up all copy trading details for you.