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Forex Demo Account

Forex Demo account is a useful and free opportunity to see how the market functions. It gives you a chance to try out the trading platform and test new strategies. It is ideal for a beginner trader who doesn't have sufficient information and experience and wants to step in and invest on the Forex market without taking any risk, gain experience and become familiar with the financial instruments. With a Forex Demo Account you can, without any risk and at zero cost, do the following:
- See the real market prices for 40+ instruments including: Currency pairs, Commodities and Indices;
- See how the prices change in different situations;
- Learn all the features of MT4 trading platform;
- Understand easier how the technical analysis works;
- Become familiar with real market conditions without taking any risk and suffering any loss by using only virtual money;
- Receive one-to-one education tailored to your needs.

What are the Advantages of Merit Forex Demo Account?

- Merit Forex Demo account simulates the same trading conditions existing on real markets, however, it gives you the chance to experience them without any risk and at zero cost using virtual money.
- Merit Forex Demo is completely free of charge just like all transactions you do in it.
- Merit Forex experts will provide you with continuous assistance 24 hours a day, 5 days a week. They will answer all your questions and go through all critical phases together with you by means of online instant messenger, email, skype or phone.
- Merit Forex Demo account will help you acquire all knowledge, experience and skills necessary for trading successfully on the turbulent world financial and commodity market.
- As a Demo account user, you will be the first to try all mobile and desktop applications provided by Merit Forex and will enjoy the privilege of testing the new platform and instruments features before their implementation.

What is the Difference Between Forex Demo Account and the Real Account?

The main difference between Merit Forex Demo account and Merit Forex Real account is that having a Demo account allows you to trade using virtual money instead of depositing and investing your own real money. All other aspects such as market prices, data analyses and trading conditions are the same for both Demo and Real accounts

How can I Create a Demo Account?

You can open a Demo account in 2 ways:
- You can contact Merit Forex team and they will set an account for you and explain in details all steps to the point of start trading. For our contact details, please go to;
- You can simply fill in and submit the short form on this page. Shortly, you will receive an email explaining step by step how to proceed further.