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Meta Trader 5 Mobile

With the mobile version of Meta Trader 5 platform Merit Forex provides all features necessary for executing trading operations, setting Stop Loss and Take Profit levels and sending orders wherever you are from your mobile device. The application comes with both netting and hedging features, and have all trading tools and over 20 technical indicators and analytical objects. The new 1-click trading option make the use of the platform easier and more convenient allowing to send orders directly from the Market Depth Window.

Advantages of MT5 mobile

• Merit Forex mobile Meta Trader 5 can be installed on all mobile devices running on iOS and Android, and in this way the clients can trade in the global markets without necessity to access their computer, and yet having at disposal all tools and features of their trading accounts.

• The new Market Depth enables each investor to examine the security quotations giving an aggregated view of them.

• Unlike the previous MT4 platform, the new MT5 mobile application gives the possibility to place more (up to 8) types of postponed or pending orders. This ensures more precise control, and enables the development of more flexible investment strategies;

• It distinguishes the terms Order, Transaction and Position meaning that the opposite positions are offset;

• A Meta Trader 5 innovative feature is the availability of 21 time periods on the charts, 9 additional techniques for chart structuring, focusing on the range of 1 to 10 minutes, and thus being suitable for precise techniques.

• The enhanced economic calendar shows numerous economic events, economic indicators and data on a daily and hourly basis during the week, and thus providing more precise market monitoring.

• The optimized “Strategy Tester” allows better expert testing and a more detailed layout of the trading outcomes. This results in more precise investment strategy during the automated trading.

Download Merit Forex Meta Trader 5 application on your mobile device, and trade Forex, commodities, indices, futures and cryptos and anytime and anywhere!