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Merit Forex offers CFD trading on major soft commodities such as coffee and sugar and many others. Contracts for Differences are contracts that mirror the decrease and increase of the price on a specific commodity as the difference between buy and sell price. CFDs are derivative products that allow you to trade on live market price movements without actually owning the underlying instrument.


Commodity is the name assigned to all products and goods traded on the financial market. Forex market is the most liquid and largest financial market where you can trade commodities. Commodities are the basic goods purchased and sold in the commercial world which affects the economy and everyday life. Investment instruments such as cacao, corn, wheat, coffee, sugar, cotton, coal, crude oil, gold, silver, copper, lead, platin and natural gas are the main commodities you can trade in the Forex market through the Merit Forex platform.

Commodity prices are determined according to supply and demand factors in the market. The commodities you can trade on our platform are the most demanded and traded ones.

Some commodities have crucial effects in our daily life such as oil, copper, natural gas, cotton, gold and silver. The prices of these commodities are highly effected by factors such as natural conditions, weather conditions, state policies, economic and production conditions, demand level and raw material potentials. Every event that effects the market will change the pricing of these commodities which creates trading opportunities for the investor. Contraction in economy, increase in demand or contraction in supply will immediately increase the price and you can make profit by opening a long position for that product. On the contrary increase in production, decrease in demand or economic slowdown will decrease the prices where you can make profit by opening a short position. The usage areas of economic products which affect our daily life is correlated and this makes it easier for us to make a prediction for future pricing.

Forex Commodity Market Trade Groups

Commodities may be grouped under the name of metals, precious metals, basic agricultural products and energy products according to diversity. The commodities which fall under the metals group include copper,aluminium, nickel, zinc and lead. Precious metals group include gold, silver and platin. Energy group commodities are divided in two groups as oil and natural gas. As the agricultural products, wheat, corn, cotton, sugar and cacao are the most traded commodities. The most used commodity traded in Forex is oil which is followed by natural gas and gold respectively.

Advantages of Forex Commodity Market

Investing with Forex commodities may be more advantageous and easier compared to other instruments. The Forex commodity market also provides the possibility of trading 24/5 with a PC or mobile device connected to internet. Main advantages of Merit Forex regarding the commodity market are as follows;

-Investing in commodities through forex can be a safer and more profitable choice during periods witnessing political changes which effect the world economies. Commodities, mainly gold, as well as silver and copper are the right instruments to trade during periods of economic crisis and chaos environment. With Merit Forex you have the possibility of trading with advantageous spreads and commissions.

-Analysis and information flow on the commodity market has reached to a level on which the investors may trade safely due to a very high level of trading volume and transactions made by thousands of investors throughout the world. This creates a market environment in which risks are lower. Merit Forex expert analysts create instant analysis and reports for the commodity market on a daily basis.

-You can follow live market data and reshape your investments with instant decisions thanks to the forex platform especially designed by Merit Forex for its users.

-You can improve your commodity experience and make transactions with other forex instruments by extending the number of instruments you trade with Forex.

– If you don’t have sufficient experience and knowledge in Forex trading, your investments will become more functional by means of one-on-one practice trading sessions with a professional on a demo account with live market data. You can experience the market with virtual money under real conditions with the demo account, so can learn how to avoid risky trades until you have sufficient experience.

Commodity transactions are performed easily in Forex market. You can trade the commodities in Forex market and turn price fluctuations into opportunity. All economic and technical information required for the transactions are provided by Merit Forex experts. Sharing daily and instant analyses, morning and evening reports, weekly and monthly reports, important news and developments occurring in the market, Merit Forex has become the leader of conscious and reliable investment.

Risk Warning | Merit Forex Trading in leveraged products such as Forex and Contract for Differences (CFD's) involves significant risk and you may not only lose all of you invested capital but also sustain losses in excess of your deposited funds. You should not invest more than you can afford to lose and should ensure that you fully understand the risks involved. Trading leveraged products may not be suitable for all investors. Before deciding to trade, you need to ensure that you understand the risks involved taking into account your investment objectives and level of experience. You should seek independent financial advice prior to applying for opening a trading account with the Company.

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