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Forex Oil Market

Being very important to the world economy and affecting all finance markets even indirectly, the so-called “black gold”, and namely crude oil, is used in many different sectors including transportation, cosmetics, energy, pharmaceutical and chemical industry. Oil price is one of the most important factors affecting country economies. There are many factors determining crude oil prices such as political and economic developments, country’s oil reserve quantities, movements in supply and demand equilibrium, climate changes. Having a high trading volume in global commerce, crude oil is also among the instruments with the highest trading volume in Forex market. The fact that Forex crude oil trade is very easy and investing is possible both in case of decrease and increase in oil prices, increases the interest in Forex Crude Oil market.

Investors in Forex oil products may prefer American crude oil or Brent oil. These are the main two types of oils traded in the Forex market, as the American crude oil and is traded under the name of Crude Oil. The Brent Oil is known on the market as Ukoil or Wti. Being the most important energy resource of the world, oil constantly increases in value because of its diminishing natural resources. The existence of alternative energy resources and the new energy substitutes, however, will decrease oil consumption in the long run. Shaping the future of country economies and determining costs and revenues for companies, oil appears to be the most important economic factor affecting the prices of all products and services we consume on a daily basis, and thus shapes our income-expense life pattern.

Why Forex Oil Market?

Oil has and will have a great impact on both present and future economy and this fact represents a good opportunity for many investors. Forex market allows investors to purchase and sell oil making possible high investments with low amounts. The profit is generated due to a rise or decrease in trading positions and oil prices as a result of political, economic and diplomatic events in the world.

Oil is one of the most important and fundamental investment instruments in the Forex market. The advantage of trading with it on the Merit Forex platform is that you can buy and sell it without physically have a possession of it, store and transport it. In fact, the Forex oil market eliminates all issues related to the physical storage, preservation, purchase, sale of a barrel of oil. For this reason and for the possibility to gain substantial profit from price changes, Oil Forex Market becomes quite attractive to investors.

Advantages of Forex Oil Market

-You can trade in oil products 5 days a week, 24 hours a day in the Forex market unlike many other markets.

- Oil Forex Market doesn’t require physical purchase and allows trade just on oil prices, that is all liabilities and expenses related to physical purchases are removed, as well as costs such as storage, safety, transportation costs.

-You can evaluate and prepare your investment plans with the help of weekly and monthly reports provided by Merit Forex trading experts. These reports contain all necessary information regarding the factors that affect oil prices such as oil reserves of countries and companies, stock amounts, changes in economy and investment policies.

– Oil trade is shaped by prices instantly changing in the forex market. You can gain profit easily both in case of increase and decrease due to the 2-direction trade possibility given by Merit Forex platform.

– Another important characteristic of the Merit Forex platform is 1:100 leverage rate. The existence of a leverage system enables to add value to your investments up to 100 times.

Merit Forex provides all the details, techniques and analyses you need to know while trading in the Forex oil market. You can evaluate your investments and gain profit using the info provided in our analyses, reports and news related to the whole oil market.

If you also want to gain profit over your oil transactions with Merit Forex difference, you can open a real forex account. We ensure evaluation of your Forex oil investments and enable you to benefit from all advantages provided by Merit Forex mediation in oil transactions. As a source of reliable, fast and conscious investment, Merit Forex is with you during all your oil transactions.

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